June 18

Dear Sharon,Thank you so much. I have just completed a ridge walk covering three peaks in the lakes with an overall climb/descent of over 2000 feet.The descent from Hindscarth would have caused me agony last year but I made it down without a twinge. You have transformed my life! I attach the view from Dale End where I had lunch.Kind regards,



" When I first came to see Sharon last July I believed my days of long distance running were over. I have had numerous injuries over the past 32 years but the latest problem had dragged on for over 5 months.Through a combination of massage and strengthening & flexibility exercises, I have now been pretty much injury free for 8 months. The biggest thing I have learnt from Sharon is that  changing my running style to avoid injuries has been possible. Whilst it has needed a lot of hard work stretching and strengthening, it doesn't require me to analyse and think about every stride I take. Running still comes naturally to me but thanks to Sharon's support it also more enjoyable and not painful !"


Operations System Manager

July 17

Thank You


Hello Everyone, We just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been working with you all at the World Para Athletics Championships. As always, the medical team were totally professional, enthusiastic and fun. As a team you delivered a great service to the Athlete and other groups, making them all welcome and at ease. Loads of people commented on how good the service was. 


Thank you for adapting to the different circumstances and environment with ease and a sense of humour. 

Pam, Lynn, Liz, Mark, David, Gareth