About Sharon

My Qualifications

Mission statement : “My aim is for my students to enjoy their classes and find a moment of calm, whilst learning how to improve their breathing, posture, flexibility, strength and balance in Asana practise”.

From an Irish background, sharon was introduced to Irish Dancing at a very young age and then went on to enjoy team sports and athletics at school. In her early teens she stumbled across a book on Hatha Yoga by Racquel Welch and explored the postures, along with the idea of awareness in each moment, this lead to further books and yoga classes which Sharon drifted to and from for many years before developing a consistent practice. 

Whilst Sharon was drawn to sport and bodywork, she found herself following peers into Banking, with the intention of gaining some work experience before furthering her studies. It was many years before Sharon came back to furthering those studies!! 

Sharon spent an intense few years gaining qualifications in Holistic (Swedish) Massage, Level 4 Sports Massage and Yoga Teacher Training. Sharon is registered with the following industry bodies: The Sports Massage Association, Yoga Alliance, Independent Yoga Network and Register of exercise professionals.

Sharon's yoga practise helped her to remain calm and focused through the intense period of change. Sharon found the physical benefits gained on the mat, such as improved breathing, strength and flexibility transferred across to living more in each moment, improved mental stamina and accepting and letting go of conflicts past and present. 

Off the mat Sharon enjoys athletics, horse-riding, ski-ing and music, all of which continue to help her develop her understanding of the body and the impact the state of mind can have on our actions and performance.  teaching draws on all of my experiences and teachers past and present.

About Gary Telfer


Gary Telfer has been involved in competitive sport for over 30 years. A severe knee injury sustained during a competitive football match led Gary to undertake extensive rehabilitation under a physiotherapist. As part of his rehabilitation Gary joined an athletics group to improve his technique. Gary went on to compete in 400m hurdles at international level. On retiring from competing Gary has remained involved in Athletics, successfully coaching young and senior athletes, some attaining national and area champion status. Gary is a level 3 UK Athletics coach, Personal trainer, and Sports Massage Therapist with a passion for rehabilitation and improving performances at every level.