Running & Techniques

There are a range of factors that contribute to our movement patterns from our strength, flexibility and balance, to posture and the careers we have chosen. Along with the sports we play and our basic biomechanics which may have been hampered by injuries we have sustained along the way.

The more we practice something the more it becomes ingrained in our movement pattern, as we move from foot to foot, how we connect with the ground along the way may determine how efficiently we move and whether we risk injury.

My background in running

Having enjoyed athletics and sports at school, I got side-tracked when I started work and found only time for horse-riding, a yearly ski trip and the odd game of rounders. I came back to running, inspired by my brother’s marathon attempt to help me quit smokng and subsequently completed 6 marathons and numerous half marathons.

I was drawn to looking at running technique via a Pose Running Clinic as I was curious as to why my running buddies got injured as their weekly mileage increased, at the time I had run 4 marathons injury-free and felt the need to understand why some people suffered injury more than others. 

I learned about posture during movement and how the shape we make on contact with the ground can affect our speed, efficiency and chance of injury. I also learned that I should have listened to the advice of the chap running the clinic when he said “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”  as I subsequently sustained a foot injury from playing with my technique and changing shoes! Thankfully what I learned did help me to rehab the foot injury I sustained.

What I am looking to achieve with people

I am looking to use my knowledge of movement patterns gained through personal experience and further study to help correct movement patterns following injury.

How I get there

A combination of Sports Massage Techniques and exercises along with use of video for analysis and feedback.